Rubber cork gaskets

The Rubber cork material combines the compressibility and resilience of cork for high mechanical strength and dimensional stability. Thus, making them the best substance for automotive applications such as Oil pan gaskets, Valve cover gaskets, and Timing gear cover gaskets. Another important application of cork-and-rubber gasket is to function as a seal that retains lubricants in crankshaft bearings when pressure is applied. The air within cork cells is compressed, thus it exerts a reverse pressure on the restraining forces. Combined with rubber, silicone or neoprene, rubber cork gaskets offer a good resistance to oil, solvents and fuels.

Banco provides a wide range of formulations using different types of rubber-like Natural rubber, Synthetic rubber, Nitrile, Neoprene and EPDM silicone in combination with a variety of cork granules that are used to manufacture Rubber cork gaskets to meet the industry’s various requirements.

The engine sealing products produced at Banco

Rubber pre-coated beaded gaskets

It is the unique combination of a fibre-reinforced elastomeric beaded coating. The raised elastomeric beads provide high unit pressure and superior se...

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Copper gaskets

Copper is stronger than any composite head gasket yet it is still malleable, thus it conforms to the standards for sealing surfaces. This strength-mal...

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Aluminium edge gaskets

Our Edge moulded aluminium gaskets are made from premium quality raw materials, thus are leak-proof and are able to withstand high compressive loads. ...

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Compressed fibre gaskets

Our Compressed fibre jointing sheet /non-asbestos gaskets are die cut from compressed non-asbestos jointing sheets. These gasket seals are very effect...

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Steel fibre composite gaskets

Our Steel fibre composite gaskets are combined with inserted steel fibre mesh. This composite is strong and durable with a reinforcement of steel fibr...

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Graphite composite gaskets

Our high strength graphite composite gaskets are stamped or punched gaskets made of metal sheets and flexible graphite sheets. The main features of th...

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Multi-layered gaskets

Our multi-layer steel (MLS) cylinder head gaskets are the only type of gaskets that meet the high-performance engine requirements. Multi-layer steel h...

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