Bespoke engineering engine sealing system

Engine sealing system

Gaskets are invisible yet one of the most critical components of an automotive engine system and the operating environment in which they perform is highly dynamic. In an automotive engine, the cylinder head and engine block are exposed to extreme heat and pressure of the combustion process. The combustion process causes the cylinder head to lift off the block and portion of the head to deflect. These motions create a considerable force on the gasket. In the context of these demanding operating conditions gaskets still have to perform efficiently, prevent leakage of fuel, gas, coolant, and oil. They also have to play their role as load transmission element between the crankcase and the cylinder head.

With more than 5 decades of experience, Banco engineers have mastered the science of engine sealing systems. No two applications are exactly the same and therefore their solutions are also not the same. Our designers are trained to critically evaluate engine design, its expected usage, and the configuration of mating parts, the number of bolts, bolt torque and many other critical input data.

Banco’s modern R&D center at Ankhi is DSIR certified. With more than 4500 square feet of the construction area, this modern centre is well equipped with advanced design simulation and test capabilities to support our engineers by leveraging multiple material and manufacturing process options, our designers offer customized solutions that deliver long life, maximum efficiency and reduced total cost of ownership.

At Banco, bespoke engineering is our design philosophy that stands for a thorough understanding of every application need that offers contemporary engineering solution to best fit the customer’s product performance expectations. Our engineers live this philosophy every day!

Trends in Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is currently going through a highly dynamic phase. Growing needs for multiple modes of mobility, technical progress, climate change, globalization are some of the key trends that drive the future of automotive industry.

For the engineers at Banco’s gasket design division, the following trends hold high influence:

  • Demand for tighter emission norms and design readiness to comply with BSVI emission norms
  • Downsizing of engine construction
  • Lighter engines with aluminum construction
  • Reducing assembly torque (sealing with lower force)
  • Advanced combustion modes involving very high combustion pressures
  • Growing usage of turbo-charged air aspiration and exhaust gas heat recovery
  • Longer maintenance free product life cycles

Dealing with challenges is the nature of work at Banco. The ever growing trends towards high power, high efficiency, light weighting, tighter emissions, and longer component life impose several challenges for our research and design engineers to design efficient engine sealing systems.

Co-creating efficient engine sealing solutions with our customers

Banco’s competent and experienced research, design and engineering team is well-equipped with modern R&D facility at Ankhi is recognized by Ministry of Science, Government of India. We participate at an early stage of development with our customers. Our design engineers spend a great deal of their time with customers in understanding and structuring input data of the end application and the performance expectations. An in-principal agreement with the customer on technical aspects of the application, performance expectations, development gateways etc. is the first step of our robust product development process at Banco.

Preparing concepts using Simulation Tools

Concept design development of the sealing system using simulation tools is the key step in our product development process. The other critical steps at Banco are as follows:

  • Assembly and bolt data analysis
  • Assessing fluid/media features v/s material compatibility
  • Material, profile and thickness finalization
  • Nesting for optimum material consumption
  • Checking conformance with Banco design guidelines
  • Comparing with reference designs from of existing part library

The ever growing trends towards high power, high efficiency , light weighting , tighter emissions , and long component life pose many challenges to our research and design engineers in their task for designing efficient engine sealing systems. These challenges motivate us to innovate new products every day.

Selecting Right Sealing Material

In order to design the most effective sealing solution, our designers use advanced CAD, FEA tools and a vast knowledge of polymer science. Our design engineers are able to choose and offer a choice of more than 25 grades of jointing materials, several grades of surface coatings, selective coatings, and a wide range of customized rubber compounds at Banco.

Design Verification

Our designers use advanced digital simulation tools for design verification such as:

  • Bead design optimization using FEA software ABAQUS
  • Thermal and pressure analysis using ABAQUS
  • Study of behavior of elastomer using CSR test rig
  • Study of behavior of soft gasket material based on load v/s deflection curves
  • Cover factor study for load distribution
  • Minimum clearance study using ABAQUS
Rapid Proto typing

With an objective of reducing time to market, Banco has established a dedicated prototype manufacturing shop with facilities such as:

  • ATOM knife cutting machine
  • CHIESA steel rule die cutting machine
  • Proto tool – CNC steel rule bending facility
  • Proto tool – steel die design and manufacturing support
  • Proto tool – Mould design and manufacturing support
  • Contour tracer & portable CMM for verification
  • Surface coating & partial coating setup

Product validation

Comprehensive test capabilities at our R&D centre supports reliable product validation for newly developed products. Our test facilities include:

Static Testing
  • Minimum clearance – Lead pellet test
  • FUJI film test for pressure distribution
  • P(max.) testing – Nitrogen sealing test
  • Hydraulic Testing for media sealing
  • Air leak rate testing
Dynamic Testing
  • Deep thermal shock test rig
  • Endurance test rig
  • Go-stop test
  • Full throttle run test

Comprehensive R&D capabilities together with vast experience of our engineers ensure that our innovation process is robust and keeps generating success stories for our customers.